Tuesday, January 17, 2012

US Snake Ban getting closer to reality

Taken from: http://www.kingsnake.com/blog/archives/782-U.S.-to-approve-ban-on-Burmese-and-African-Rock-Pythons.html

U.S. to approve ban on Burmese and African Rock Pythons

By Jeff Barringer
Mon, January 16 2012 at 21:05
After a five year plus battle and despite the best efforts of the reptile community, it is being reported by the Miami Herald that the U.S. is set to approve a federal ban on Burmese Pythons and most likely African Rock Pythons as well, next week during the presidents stop in Florida.

Under a rule that has been the subject of five years of lobbying and debate in Washington, the United States intends to declare the Burmese python an “injurious’’ species, which would make it illegal to import or sell the snakes across state lines. At least one other species that has been found in the Glades, the African rock python, also is expected to be included on the “injurious’’ list that originally included nine large constrictors.

As yet there is no word on the other 7 species on the proposed list, including Reticulated Pythons and Boa Constrictors, but watch this space for further news updates as they come in.

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The Ban will include only: Burmese Python, African Rock Python, and Anaconda..

"Sixty days after publication of the final rule in the Federal Register, interstate transport and importation of live individuals, gametes, viable eggs, or hybrids of the Burmese python, northern and southern African pythons and yellow anaconda into the United States will be prohibited. None of these species is native to the United States."

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