Monday, January 16, 2012

Pastel Crystal Amazingosity

Well, I was taking photos, and needed to take out the Pastel Crystal for a photo op. So, with some camera issues, I put her in a rogue water dish at the cleaning station. I fixed the camera, but looked up, and she was comfortably perched in there, looking out at me.

The biggest thing I noticed was that the blue of the Chlorhexidine spray bottle brought out the blue in her eyes!

And then, of course, I took the photo. I took a few photos...

I was of course, very impressed with what she was turning out to be, as I do with many of the snakes I don't look at often.

Why don't I look at her often?

Well, although the option is there, I try really hard not to look at animals that I am considering keeping while they are on sale, so that I can convince myself that I don't need them.

This is especially true of this girl... I would love to sell her, but the bigger she gets, the more beautiful she gets, and the more interesting she is for me to keep.

So I try and ignore her.

I know....lame, right?

Hey, it works for me.. Most of the time.

But if you did care to know, yes, their eyes are blue/grey, and yes, they do grow into more colors as they age. Maybe I will compare her with her older sister again soon.

And of course, I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself that I have updated the available page with everything I have available as of right now, with updated photos and everything.


So we start the week updated and fresh.

Bring it on, work week!

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Anonymous said...

didnt u produce a few last year? any updated pics of yearlings or adult crystals