Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have to say that with the legislation doing what it is doing, I have time to reflect on why I am working with snakes in the first place.

I am allergic to many creatures, as is my Mother. I grew up with exotics as pets because I had to. I never got to own a snake, as my Mother was afraid, but I did get to have various types of fish, birds and the occasional try at a hamster.

So why then did I end up with Ball Pythons?

Cause they are gorgeous and fun to work with. End of story.

Snakes are all beautiful in their own way, and with patterns and colors that rival the rainbow, (and some that are named after the rainbow), how can anyone not value them as creatures worth keeping and enjoying? 

Yes, they eat live animals, and yes, they are somewhat intimidating.
It is mainly in ignorance that much of the fear is spread.
This is true of many things, and especially true of the new Legislation.

I will be the first to admit that yes, the Burms are in Florida. That is an obvious fact.
But why is it that Yellow Anacondas and "African Pythons" are included in this?
And why is it that we are banning these animals instead of controlling the current wild population?
How will this help things?

I have no idea. 

And of course, as I can, I try to be as fair minded as possible. I understand and see where the government is going with this. They need to find some way of controlling the invasive populations that are in Florida and other states. 

But how is this new legislation on current domestic animals going to help?

I don't see how it does. I see it as more people, afraid of getting in trouble, letting more animals go into the wild. 

And THAT will be even worse. 

Then what?

More legislation....

A never ending cycle. 

Let us hope that things turn around.

And do what you can to help people see the error of this, professionally and courteously.
No sense in swearing and yelling. That doesn't do much good but make us all look like fools.

Let's do this thing, folks.

Have a great day, my friends.

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