Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Reptile Super Show and Breedings

Well, we finally got it done, my friends. The photos exist! 
It was not, however, very outstandingly amazing. There were only a few photos, and honestly, they are all Ball Pythons for the most part.

Let us begin.

Here we have one of my wants in life. The Killer Clown Male.

He doesn't look like the one in my dreams, but if someone gave him to me for free, I wouldn't say No. 


 Here we have a new creation, so new, in fact, that it isn't even outlined as to what it is! 
This isn't to say someone out there doesn't know what it is... It is just that they won't tell anyone that isn't paying for it. 

All I can say is, it looks viciously awesome.

RAWR indeed. 

I want one.

And although I am not quite sure where I stand with the Desert stuff, I have to say that this Pastel Lesser Tiger female right here is amazing. 

This photo was done without flash, and she still looks awesome. The colors in person are to die for, and I have to say that I wouldn't mind one of these in the collection as well.

 And of course, my new found respect for the Champagnes has garnered a photo of a Pastel Champagne male. I am still trying to decide what Champagne male I should incorporate into the arsenal, but until then, I can stare at this photo at least.

The Buttery Nipple, created by my friend Josh Marki, is the Butter Hypo Champagne. It looks pretty sweet if you ask me...

And of course, what would the show be like without some kind of weirdness?
Apparently, someone brought an Opossum.
It was super cute, and a rescue from a local vet hospital drop off.

Lewie immediately wanted one. I have to say I kinda did too. 

If you have met me before, know that I do not like to leave my table for much of anything. I just like to work when needed. So of course, I was behind the table, hanging with my friend Bob the Albino.
Bob the Albino is my "go-to" educational snake that I bring out for the children to touch and handle.
He is the tamest ball, most kicked back snake ever.
I am honored to work with him as a Snakey Ambassador for our hobby.

The problem, however, was as I was having him around my shoulders, he decided that my braid would be a great place to delve into. 


I had an Albino Ball in my hair.

Can many other people say that? 

I kinda doubt it. 

But that's alright. 

I still love you, Bob.

So that was all of the interesting show photos of the weekend. It was a good time, good friends, and I had a great time seeing people and meeting new ones.

Anyway, I took these shots last night of the breedings that are happening.
Things are heating up here, finally... It's cooling down again in Southern California, so breedings are actually happening.

 Here we have the Pastel Super Mojave with a Cinnamon female.

And here we have a Vanilla het Hypo male with a Mojave het Hypo female. Fingers crossed for some Hypo Vanilla Mojaves. That would be SWEEEEEEET!

So on we trudge thru the first month of the year. Here's to more breedings and more photos to share.

Have a great day, my friends.

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