Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dang... but YAY!

Well, apparently the camera that we used to take photos of the show is acting up and we cannot download the photos as of yet.

We will keep trying!

But right now, I can update you on some pairings..

This here is my Silver Bullet, Lucky, with a Pastel Lesser female. She had no interest in anyone so far, but Lucky got lucky and made it happen.

This here is a pairing that I was debating on doing this year, but since the opportunity arose and they seemed interested, I paired them up.

These are siblings from back in 2010, my Double Het Albino Pieds...

And just for confirmation, look! There is a lock.

There is one more female that I may pair up with him. I'm not sure exactly what I plan to do as of yet, as this pairing was not planned anyway...


This pairing is another sibling pairing, a pair of Spotnose het VPI Axanthics... If I hit on the VPI Axanthic Powerball, that will be SWEET!

Fingers crossed on that one.

And last but not least, a non-related pairing this time. Mojave Spider male with a Cinnamon female. I am not a huge fan of the Cinnamon Spiders, but a Mojave Cinnamon Spider should be pretty sweet. We shall see, eh?

Anyway, that is what is happening so far... Nothing super outstandingly amazing, but nothing too shabby.

Last clutch of the season should be popping up in another two weeks, and then I can turn the incubator off for a few months.

It will be a relief for a bit not to worry about eggs and to worry about breeding.

Have a great day, my friends.

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