Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Next?

Sterling Mojave

Things are actually going a bit slow right now here in California, as we have been getting some amazingly HOT weather. This past week we have been averaging 75 degrees Fahrenheit, including Christmas Day.

So what does this mean for Heather's Herps?

It means that the males that are supposed to be breeding are getting a bit confused.

It's too hot for them to really get it on, and I have not been seeing as much action as I would normally around this time of year.

I am kinda disappointed, but what am I going to do? I can't control the weather (although that would be awesome if I could...)

So what next?

I am pairing up as much as I can, but giving more time for males with females than normal.  Will this effect the output of this upcoming season? I hope not, but there is a possibility.

The other possibility is a later season than usual, which means hatchings and eggs coming later in the year than usual. When is usual? This past year, we got eggs in the end of April. This year, I anticipate eggs in late May.

We shall see.

California usually does get later clutches than the other eastern states, as I have noticed.

And as for the upcoming pairings?

Yeah, I've changed my mind a few times already (again), but things are going somewhat smoothly.

I hope to get a few new things in the collection, but with everything going on, we will see! Fingers crossed for some awesome new things, and not so late of a season.

Here's to a good season, and the last Reptile Show of the season before the new babies hatch.

Pomona Reptile Show, here we come!

Have a great day, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

i feel your socal weather pain! i counteract the heat by spraying the cages to make it cooler at night,are your cages off heat on the hot side completely, the same or reduced temps? my experience is that when barometeric pressure drops (rain outside or cloudy humid days) those are the best breeding weeks!