Friday, July 20, 2012


I did it! (Kinda)

I updated the website available page with the things that have hatched out over the past few weeks that I have been slacking.

Lots of cool stuff, lots of fun new morphs, and honestly, I feel like I should go back and prep the incubator page that has been lacking for several months now. (That's the next big thing to do)

But of course, now I can share with you the cool things I have hatched out that I plan to hold back.

This here is very exciting. This is my Butter Enchi Hypo boy that I produced. I am incredibly excited to have him in the fray, considering I love Butter Enchis, and him being Hypo just tops the cake!

He is just gorgeous, and I am looking forward to watching him grow and develop into his colors. Should be a good time!

And I believe I had already possibly shared this little girl... This is my Butter Enchi Spider. See a trend? I really love what the Butter and Enchi do to things.

This guy I am on the fence about, so he is up for available as of right now. This is my Pastel TSK Axanthic male. I am working on the TSK Axanthic Killerbee, and he would work well into the project, but I am not sure if I want an Axanthic Pastel male, or if I want an Axanthic Spider... or wait for an Axanthic Bumblebee...

Tough decisions, I know.
And although there are more past clutches to share, these guys hatched out on Thursday, and I wanted to share and get back into the groove.

The pairing was Pewterbee to Mojave, and it worked out pretty well, I think.

1.0 Spider, 1.1 Savannah, 1.0 Cinnamon, 1.0 Pastave, and 1.0 Thingamajig.

Now, I call him the Thingamajig only because although he looks like a Pewterbee, I am reserving judgement on him until he sheds, since he COULD be a Mojave Pewterbee (which I am totally hoping for). It's hard to tell when they are all shiny and pink and junk.

So fingers crossed for me, my friends. I could rock a Mojave Pewterbee...

Have a great weekend, my friends. 

Today is Smoj's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Smoj!

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