Monday, July 9, 2012


I am having a hell of a time getting my act together when it comes to the blog.

I apologize. I work, I come home, I unpack more stuff, I go to sleep, I wake up, and I go to work.

I have not had much time at all to even finish the intended revamp of my snake room yet. Everyone is happy and warm and clean, but that doesn't leave much time for photos and blogging and other things.

Joel and I have been going non-stop for the past three weeks, and it has been very difficult. Forgive me for my lack of blog.

BUT... I do have a lot to share, babies to post, hatchlings and egg to record.

There has been a massive amount of things going on, and that includes the snakes.

But I wanted to take the time and decompress about the room.

I do have a bit more space in this new house, which is refreshing. It is also on hard wood floors, which is much nicer to clean, albeit more annoying to see the little sani-chips all over the place.

They aren't able to be ignored in the carpet anymore... So of course, I bought myself a little mini shop vac.

With that, and the fact that I am in the process of revamping everything, we have had an ant problem.

Ants are a pain in the ass, my friends.

I didn't think it was an issue at first, but after moving in, they took OVER. So we did some spraying outdoors, and I found some awesome natural insect spray that is essentially eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. It worked well, but smelled like Pepto-Bismol, so Joel says.

After a week, we got them under control, and I am now a little less stressed over the fact that little black ants can crawl over everything if just a small dirty area exists.

As we well know, any snake room with more than a few animals in it will get dirty immediately after cleaning, so that gave my already high level of anxiety about the new house a bit more of a boost.

I am feeling still overwhelmed, as things just keep piling up, but I have to say, it's getting better.

We are blessed to be able to have moved so quickly, and to a good area and a new neighborhood. I just have to have a bit more time to focus, and organize the room to the best of my abilities.

Right now, things are where they fit, but not where they would be best served. I need a bit more time for that. And of course, things are still breeding, laying, etc... It has been a whirlwind couple of months, and I really need it to settle down a bit so that I can get back on track with things like normal.

But what is normal, eh?

Have a great Monday, my friends.

Side Note:

Also, please take the time out to send a prayer or well-wishes to Sean Bradley, who suffered a tragic injury this past week and will be paralyzed. 

Read it HERE

He needs our support from the Reptile Community. 

All the best, Sean. 

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