Friday, July 27, 2012


I think that people tend to forget that there are gross aspects to dealing with any animal breeding, including the food, the smells, the feces, and the other stuff.

And with the food, smells and feces comes with other issues themselves.

Specifically BUGS.

So not only do we have to shovel dung, deal with smelly remnants of over-ripe left over food items, but the bugs that come with it tend to push a lot of sensitive people over the edge.

Joel will not go in the room if he smells death.

Overreactions aside, I admit that it is not appealing to most people. It is not to me either, but I have dealt with other smells.

I can handle death smells reasonably well, although if it is overpowering, I will have to take a moment.

The one smell I can't handle (which doesn't particularly apply to the snake room) is vomit.

Lucky for me, that does not really become an issue with the snake room.

Anyway, the bugs.

Ants, flies, gnats and random spiders that tend to congregate in the room due to the temps and readily avialbale food are abundant given enough time...

I have to admit that I try my darndest to stay up on emmaculate cleanliness, but with life, trying doesn't always mean doing.

So yesterday, I went in to feed, which is not fun all the time either due to rodents and their bodily functions adding to the already chaotic temperature and smell sandwhich, and I ran into several tiny little spiders that apparently are populating in the crevices of the Vision Racks that I have.

I am not a huge fan of spiders, but for the sake of taking out the fungus gnats, I allowed them to stay.

One of them even waved at me.

So of course, the reality of having a large group of animals in one area leads one to learn that the life cycles of bugs and the seasons do tend to have an effect on the pleasentness of the room.

Summer = Hot = Gross.

Ergo, grossness.

Which means I gotta step up my game with cleaning, which I have been doing since the move. I am actually pretty darned proud of myself.

But I anticipate, like everything, that there is a time in which this will not be as consistant, and that the Sani-Chips will get not so fresh, and that the water bowls will be smeared with dried gross...

And then we start again from super clean.

Ah, the life I live.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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