Friday, July 13, 2012

Introducing: (What I think to be) the Pastel Fire Crystal!

So yeah, the Super Mojave Super Fire has proven herself to be that. 

And I am SUPER stoked. 

These two popped out of the clutch.

They have shed and look amazing.

They are for sure Crystal Fires, but I am almost certain they are also Pastel.

Of course, I need to wait and watch them grow into their colors, which I am very interested in doing, but... We shall see.

One female, One male.

I can accept that. 

They are awesome looking, and nothing like the Fire Crystals I have seen before, and nothing like a Pastel Crystal, as I have hatched out before.

They should be AMAZING adults...

I am very excited to share this with you, my friends!

Have a great weekend!


Chelsea Boocks said...

I know you're crazy busy and all, but I'd love to see them next to some comparison photos of the other morphs! Hope you're getting everything in order and enjoying married life!!!

Anonymous said...

wow congrats!! amazing can u discuss more about your super moj super fire?? who produced it