Monday, July 23, 2012

Fire and Firefly Crystal

Let me begin this blog, which I'm sure will be referenced by many people, by saying that I am still not 100% sure that these are not both Firefly Crystals. I am almost certain that they are not, and this blog will explain my thought process.

Below, we have what I believe to be the Firefly Crystal.

She is very pink, very yellow, and very amazing.

I think we can all agree.

She is also, from what I understand, the only one in the world at the moment.
(Caveat: This statement depends on when you are reading this... so yeah.)

Here we have her next to her brother, wherein I start to explain why I think this is the Firefly versus just the Fire Crystal.

How do I know these are Fires? Well.. cause they were produced from a Super.

The dam to this clutch was a Super Fire Super Mojave.

So there it is as proof that these are both Fire Mojave bases.

There you go. 

The Sire carries the Pastel gene, but is not Super Pastel.

At first, I thought that they were both the same when they hatched out, but as they have shed and grown a bit, they have gotten much more distinct, which tends to happen with many Ball Python morphs.

Here we have the Fire Crystal on the left, and the Firefly Crystal on the right.

You can see the more pronounced yellow and deeper lavender tones of the Firefly Crystal. 

This is true of Fireflies anyway. They are deep blacks and bright yellows. So to translate that into Crystal form, this seems to stand the test. 

What gets me is that the heads are almost the same shade of WHITE. This does not happen with regular Crystals.

You can see the comparison HERE:

Even with the somewhat crappy dark photos, you can see that the head coloration is not as bright in either the Crystal or the Pastel Crystal as it is here with these two babies.

And for the record, I understand that I have an animal referenced a year ago on the blog as a Fire Crystal. I was informed later that it was a Sulfur Crystal. Whether that matters or not is a matter of contention...

It looks nothing like what I've hatched here so far...

Here is the picture:

So we wait and see what the future in terms of color brings, eh?

Should be fun!

Have a great day, my friends!

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