Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sterling Mojave and Pewter Mojave, BOO!

So I have all of these fun pictures to share now, and this was a question from a friend about Sterling Mojaves and Pewter Mojaves. Lucky for me, I hatched these two out of the Pastel Super Mojave to Pewter clutch, so I have things to share!

Can you tell the difference?

Yeah, it's pretty striking, actually.

The left is the Sterling Mojave and the right is the Pewter Mojave.

These guys came out of some UGLY eggs, so they had some umbilicus issues, but they are doing great now!

The color difference between the two is pretty striking, and I am really pleased with the way they look.

They are due to shed in the next week or so, so after that is completed, I can show them off with a better idea of the colors they will develop with.

And for the heck of it, someone was asking for Black Pastel Pied pictures, so I took some.

He's a little jerk, but he is gorgeous and fun to take pictures with.

By fun, I mean he and I had a wrestling match to get him to show his head. Most of the time, I lost.

But I did get a few fun photos of him, which are obviously being shared right now.

This was my favorite shot that I took of him during our escapades.



Have a great day, my friends. Lots of new stuff to share tomorrow!

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