Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching up with Hatchings

So yeah..

Still catching up with hatchings and layings and stuff like that.

Here is a clutch that was laid last night.

I am VERY excited for this clutch.

I got this pair from a friend of mine who has been working with the VPI Axanthics and the Spotnoses, and I was lucky enough to be offered this pair.

I used the male last year to produce a few fun combinations, but this was the pairing I really wanted out of him, as I do not work primarily with VPI Axanthics. She is one of the only VPI Axanthic female thingies I have...

So of course, I had to put them together.

And I'm glad I did! I really hope to hit on a Powerball, since I think those are super fun, and if it just so happens to be an Axanthic Powerball, I will be even more stoked!

Fingers crossed for these guys.

On to the babies...

These all hatched out this past weekend. ALL of them, including some that I will post tomorrow.

This here is my Pastel Pied to Het Pied clutch. Didn't do too shabby on this one. 2.1 Pastel Pieds, 0.1 Pieds, and 1.0 Het Pied.

The Pastel Pieds look very odd in this clutch. I am wondering why they are so dark, but they are very interesting, almost granite-y.

I like them!

I plan on debating on keeping the female. I may, I may not. (She is the one in the top right).
Debating with myself is part of the fun of figuring out what the heck I'm going to do in the future. It's always a fun time.

And this clutch was a fail.. These babies were the only survivors from the Mojave Spider to Cinnamon clutch. Four eggs went bad, and these were the only ones left.

0.1 Cinnamon, 0.1 Mojave, 1.0 Normal

They are pretty though, eh?


More tomorrow!

Have a great day, my friends.

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