Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ball Python Coloration

There are days where I just sit and think of all the awesome shades and colors Ball Pythons come in.

I play with colors all day, and it give me a chance to appreciate the rainbow of Ball Pythons that we have available to us.

Brown, Gold and Black are the basics, that of the noble and beautiful normal.

Yellows, Tans, and Purples for the Pastels and Enchis. 

Blues, Greens, and Violets for the Mojaves and Lessers.

Spiders and Pinstripes, a nice Gold and Black overall tone. 

Yellows and Whites and Ivories for the Albinos.

Orange, White, Brown, Grey and Black for the Pieds.

Greys, Silvers and Ivories for the Pewters and Silver Bullets.

Deep rich Browns and Blacks for the Black Pastels and Cinnamons. 

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The one color that I know does not exsist in the Ball Python Color Wheel is RED.

Granted, if you pinch an Albino or make a snake bleed, you will see red...

But as a scale tone, it is very difficult to find.

And yes, Red is a Base Color, and it doesn't show up. Blues and Yellows do, however... It's rather interesting to note that.

Yellows seem to also be predominant in terms of colorations, as well as whites, if we forgo the basic Black and Brown.

It is interesting to note all of this, and I challenge you out there to take a look at your snakes. Find their shades, enjoy them, note them, photograph them... Share them with the world.

They are pretty.

All the colors of the rainbow (almost...)

Have a fantastic day, my friends.

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Krystal said...

I just heard a talk about blood pythons by Dave Barker, and he said the same thing: the only pythons that are red are blood pythons. But I've seen pictures of deep red Red Axanthics. They're not blood red or bright red, by any means, but they're definitely red. I guess it could be mostly brown, maybe, but still.... *shrug*