Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Firefly planning

Since yesterdays excitement with the lock between the Pastel Super Mojave and his gal, I have to say I'm at a loss as to what to talk about.

The importance of that pairing to me is epic.

So I am mentioning it again, but also trying to think of something else to talk about in terms of the animals I am working with. 

I have to say, when I get the Firefly to size in terms of breeding, I can't wait to pair him up with his gals as well. I think a Bumblefly would be FANTASTIC, so that will be a plan. 

I may even incorporate him in with a Mojave female, a Pastel Lesser female.... 
Oh the possibilities. 

Plus I can't wait to hatch out my own Super Fires. Yellow Splotches, here we come!


 And of course, while I am waiting on that project, other animals grow up as well.

Spiders are great morphs to combine with other things. I have the trio of Spiders het Axanthic poss het Albino I can't wait to prove out. Spider Snows are one of my planned projects, and I think it will be a fantastic animal!

But of course, there will also be the Bumblefly. I think this gal would work well into that plan. 

And this one too... This is one of my Mojaves. 
She has fantastic color, and I think I may put her into a project that uses her colors and pattern to her benefit. Maybe a Genetic Stripe? That would be pretty... Hopefully the side colors stay around.
But for sure, the Firefly to one of the Mojave girls as well.

Whew... That Firefly will be busy!! 

I'm sure he'll appreciate it when the time comes. 

Have a fantastic day, my friends. 

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Jackie M. said...

Oh, just take more pics of the pastel super mojave and the special!