Monday, April 12, 2010

Passion for Pewters and Weekend Update

This blog is for my friend Pat. He asked me about my Pewters and wanted to see some good examples of some.

Well, I can help you with that, but some of the gals were not participating as well as I would have liked.

This is my favorite Pewter I hatched out last year.

She has crazy high sides, and is just faded out with blushing. I was really glad to see her hatch out, and even gladder to see her grow up so well.

Unfortunately, this is her sister, who was in shed last night. I tried to get her to at least show off her pattern. Both these gals are Cinny Pewters, which means a Pastel and a Cinnamon combination.

And this is the other twos half sister from another clutch. She is going into blue, but had some of the color (albeit dulled out) to show for it. She is also a Cinnamon Pewter.

And this big gal is my adult pewter. Apparently, I only have Cinnamon Pewters, although I'm working on changing that this year. This female was paired up with my Sterling in the hopes of Super Pewters. Shes building slowly, so hopefully I'll see an Ovulation really soon.

So there you go, my friend Pat. I hope that helps you in your quest for awesome Pewters. I think mine are pretty nice.

What do you think?

Anyway, on to the weekend updates. I PLUGGED IN THE INCUBATOR. It's empty, as you can well see, but its on and running and hopefully will have something in it in a week or two.

Had some company over and had a great time, and also had a few adventures of non-snakey nature.

Kona got spayed this weekend, and here she is looking doleful yet comfortable in her cone of shame.

Joel was upset that I took a picture of her when she was suffering, but how cute is she, right? And she was hopped up on pain meds anyway. She probably doesn't even remember my taking this picture.

Poor dawg. But she's much better and much more active now.

And then, on Sunday, we had a visitor of another kind.

Apparently this little guy was looking for food. He found some, and happily munched away at some dog food while Regal and Kona were stuck inside, watching it.

It is really cute... Joel wouldn't let me keep it.

Oh well.

Anyway, that is all for now, this has been a long blog considering.

Have a fantastic week, my friends. Happy Monday!


Jackie M. said...

I like the cinny pewters better anyway! The black pastel sterlings are nice, but the pewters look like MUD.

Wait is that a hedgehog? What is that little guy?

Heather Wong said...

It's an Opossum!