Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pieds and Pastel het Pieds and Waiting

I am waiting for more eggs, and I have to say that now that some are down, I am pretty stoked to see some more. 

The incubator actually has something in it, people! 


But now that there are eggs, there is a waiting period in between.

We are still waiting on the Poss Het Pied female to lay and prove herself out to be a het.

Here's to more Pieds!

Which goes to show you how much of a stud my Pied male is. His name is Kip, if you didn't know. 

Joel is a huge Napoleon Dynamite fan, so we have Kip and LaFawnduh. LaFawnduh is a het pied female we acquired a few years back. 

They be lovers and junk. 

And of course, we are waiting on those Pastel het Pieds. Maybe I'll luck out and get Pastel Pieds out if it? Yeah, right....

I got the Pastel from a hobbiest breeder, so I have to say that the chances are pretty slim to none. 

But one can hope, right?


Have a fantastic day, my friends. I anticipate eggs for tomorrows blog. COME ON POSS HET GAL!

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