Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still waiting....

Still waiting.....

Apparently, some of us are too bored to wait any longer... It's nap time.

While they sleep, I will share some photos that I
took this weekend with you all.

Here is the last Cinnamon I have from 09', and I think she is a lovely example of the morph. She is not a stunning example, but an obvious Cinny and a great feeder as well.

I absolutely love the dark morphs in terms of the subtleness and the magic that they can provide in combinations. I think I've touched on that a few times in the blog, but every time I see a Cinny or Black Pastel, I am reminded again.

And Yellowbellies? Also subtle, but amazing...

I adore this female for her flames, and I really loved taking pictures of her. Ivories in her future? NO WAY! She's my combo gal... Now what combos? I'm not sure. Something that needs some flames on the side.

And of course, one of those that everyone loves, the Pied. This gal was my last 09' Pied, and I absolutely love her. She is my highest white pied that I have produced, and I really like looking at her. I hope to make more this season, and horde them all!

Hopefully Pastel Pieds as well, but we shall see. Add some yellow to this gal, and BAM!

Oh eggs, come soon please.

I can't wait to see baby snakes...

Oh wait, Eggs??? 

It's time to wake up! 

Bo-Bo the dumbo rat says "Have a GREAT day, my friends!!"

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