Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs?

Not quite. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get any Snakey Easter Eggs. I did catch some ovulations and buildings however, including this peachy gal who was ready to eat my face.

I have to say, this is looking more and more like a late year for me. I may need to get used to it. I'm not ready to do so, but I may have to.


Anyway, we did get to see some eggs in other places.

We went over to Joel's Grandmothers house for Easter Sunday, and got to enjoy the joy of little ones hunting eggs.

I, being the responsible adult that I am, got to hide them.

Did I eat a few?

Yes... Yes I did.

I didn't hide them there, someone else did. But the kids found them none the less.

Hey look!!! I found an egg!!!

Candy abounded, and as I type this, I am eating jellybeans.

Oh Easter, why must you be so much fun?

And we are back to the grind this morning, back to reality. I'm alright with that. Maybe that means more eggs of the snakey variety soon.

We can only hope.

Have a fantastic day, my friends.


Eventide said...

Bummer on the lack of Easter eggs of the snakey variety. :-[ I didn't get any either.

Here's to hoping for eggies very soon!

Eventide said...

^^ This is Krystal, by the way. (I have too many e-mail accounts.) :P