Friday, April 9, 2010

Hunkering down

Some of my girls are hunkering down for the season, making nests and taking checks. 

They are getting more antsy, more irritable, and more cranky. 

They are indeed gravid females.

Some are better than others, some allow me to touch them and clean the cage, give them water, make them comfortable. Others do not allow anything to happen without a defensive strike. This is THEIR TUB and they want me to know it. 


And of course, I get no love from the reptiles... No smiles, no loving gestures. But such is the life of a reptile breeder. They just can't show you the affection like a dog or cat can. But that's alright. 

I still love them no matter what. 

And my excitement keeps on getting more and more unbearable as I wait for eggs. 

Once I get my first clutch??? Life will be sweet. 

There are plenty of clutches that will be fantastic to watch hatch out. I just need the clutches to be here so that I can hurry up and wait. 

There are times where I wish I bred Boas. At least when they come out, they come out squirming. None of this two month incubation nonsense. 

Oh well.

And so, I continue on, cleaning, watering, and getting the hisses from these gravid gals. 
I can take it.
I can wait. 

I think. 

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.

1 comment:

Krystal said...

"Hurry up and wait" perfectly describes python breeding....

My one clutch this year is finally on the ground! My silly female made me wait 48 days after her pre-lay shed, but I can't be mad at her now: she gave me eight beautiful, fertile eggs and no slugs!

I hope you get your first clutch very soon!!