Monday, October 6, 2008


Good Morning WORLD!

I had a chance to kick back and relax this weekend, and it was very nice! It's been a while since there was not much for me to do, and I enjoyed it very much.

We went to go see Nick and Nora's Infinate Playlist. It was cute, but if you have a week stomach, I would suggest having a friend there to help cover your eyes.

To those who know what I'm talking about, BLEH.

Bottom line is: Sharing Gum is GROSS.. (You have no idea where it has been)

As for snakies, here is the most recent clutch of babies that has hatched out here. These are the Mojos out of the clutch. 2.3 isn't too bad. I'm not complaining at all, and some of them have really cool flames and blushing.

And of course, ONE of them still had to be in post hatch shed. Ruined it for the rest of us, but oh well. Can't be picky.

And here is Frog. For those of you who have forgotten, Frog is a poss het clown female I hatched out. She is TINY. Even a few months after being hatched, she is still under 40 grams. But she is doing well, and eating solidly. She's just puny, but I don't care. She's here to stay.

She is called Frog because of her head. It appears to me, at least, that her eyes bulge out much farther than the standard hatchling, so I called her Frog. Her tub is even labelled Frog.


She's a pretty one for sure too. I'm glad she survived!

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