Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Snow in California??

Why, I sure hope so!!!

This is my TSK Axanthic 100% het Albino male.

I am planning to put him with a couple females, including an Albino poss het Axanthic and an Axanthic poss het Albino (let us pray). I really would love it if both proved out. I'd love a couple Snows (Axanthic Albinos- A double recessive that is a powerhouse!!)

If you are thinking to yourself, why he is rather brown.. He is in the photo, but looks much better in person. It's one of those morphs that do not take well to photography, as much as I tried..

On top of everything else, SUPER AWESOME PROPS go to Brian Sharp for producing the Caramel Clown!! That thing is SWEEEEEET!!!!

The Caramel Clown!!!

Anyway, over here the fires are still raging, although they are not that close to me. I can just smell the smoke and my allergies are acting up because of it.

I'm getting ready for a whirlwhind weekend with another wedding coming up, as well as a couple parties to celebrate things like birth (of other people), and preparation of wedding stuff (for other people).

The end of the year is fast approaching, and it seems as if people want to jam as much as they can into this year.

I'm not complaining, but man oh man I'm running trying to catch up!!

It is time to stop and smell the smoke.. Ahhhhhhhh.

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