Thursday, October 2, 2008


My friends, yesterday was a day of anger.

Why, do you ask, was it a day of anger???

Because I was surrounded by it!!

I went into the snake room with the babies, and all I hear is POP POP POP!!!

What is that popping sound?

BABIES throwing themselves against the tubs trying to bite me.

Why, do you ask?

It was late last night, I turned on the lights and plopped right in front of them. They were not happy to be disturbed so abruptly.

And when I went to take photos and pulled them out of their happy places, they were even more upset!!

Here are a few.

I didn't manage to get bit, but I did see the oddest thing with one of the Pastel Yellowbellies. When I took her out and put her on the black background, she coiled up to strike and shook her tail like a rattlesnake!!!

I've seen it happen with Corns before, but never in BPs.

Which is why I say to you, my friends, that you learn something new every day!!

And to the anger, all I could do is laugh. Silly creatures. How I love you....

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