Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the road again!!!

Well, tonight after work, we are on the road! Tommorow I may or may not have a blog, depending on what the day pans out to be. It's my vacation, and I'm gunna enjoy it!

I will for sure have plenty of pictures, however, and there will be a great many stories to tell, albeit not snake related, but its good to break it up a bit, right?

Joel, the Fuzz and I will be travelling and enjoying Northern California for the last time before the new year. I really really enjoy it, as I was born and raised there, but moving around is a part of life, and absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?

I'm also going to say this while we are on this train of thought. OH MY GOODNESS, the NEW YEAR is coming up FAST!!!

I haven't even started breedings!

I think when I get back, I will start pairing things up..


Anyway, since I didn't have any photos yesterday, I pulled one of my favorites out and posted it.

This is Flat Stanley, who was sent to me by my cousin a couple years ago for his school project. Obviously, he sent him to me to see the snakes, so... I let him!

This is some of the 1000 Captive Hatched babies that come in from Africa to my friend's store, and I get to sort thru when all is said and done. I thought this made for a pretty cool picture.

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