Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And I shall dub thee "My Car"


I have a car!

I am tempted to name it... "Smokey"

I've never had a grey car before. I was looking for a red one (my favorite color), but this will do :)

A Toyota Camry, I guess is a step up from a Corolla. (Yes, it is used, I am not that big of a baller)

I'm pleased with it, although it will take a bit of getting used to.

I also bought personalized plates. I'll be rolling with "P Regius" from now on. I think it is pretty classy, don't you think???

And back on track with snakes..

Here is my Dream Team. Pewters (Pastel Cinnamon cross) are a great animal, and seeing as how I posted the male up a couple of days ago, I thought to post up the both of them together to show you the differences between the two.

The female, on the left is a much more bright animal, and in my mind, shows much more of the pastel in the morph than the cinnamon.

The male, on the right, is a darker animal, but still shows significant color and is a great looking animal in his own right. He is more of the cinnamon than the pastel.

I prefer the female over the male, but the male will make some super sexy super Cinnamons, so I am inclined to work thru it and use it to work some magic. I may put him with a really nice Pastel this season and see if the colors work out better.. Too many possibilities!!!

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