Thursday, October 9, 2008


And it was glorious.

I fed Tuesday after coming home from Beckys place.

I am NOT a tall woman. I am 5'3.

I was feeding my top tub without my step stool (which I have), and I just had the rat in my hands. Put it in there blindly, and BAM, something bit my thumb!!!

The female in there was hungry, and she just lunged at a warm thing, which happened to be my thumb. She was also still in shed.

I pulled it back in shock, which is really not the best thing to do.

Did it bleed? Why, yes it did. Does it hurt? No, not really...

In the end, she found the rat, ate it, and everyone is happy!

And I have a perfect line of teeth marks in my thumb.


I'm proud.

I got to show it off at work. People were impressed.

As for me, I am really sitting down and trying to decide what to do with who this season.

I have a couple solid projects for sure, but... What about the rest???

What should I do with the Albino female? Or the Cinny female?

When it comes down to it, I have too many choices, and too many projects I want.

I have a problem.

I need help.

SAVE ME, JEEBUS! (Quote from the Simpsons, not meant to be sacrilegious)

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