Friday, October 31, 2008


It is Halloween, people, and I love it!!

I have to say, since being older, Halloween is a little less exciting as it was 10 years ago, but I still enjoy it a lot!!

I used to go out to West Hollywood to see the costumes, but the past couple of years I've been keeping it low key. I am wearing my flashing lights skull earrings...




It is the sign from the Ball Python Gods that it is TIME to PAIR UP!!!

For those that don't know, Rain and the change in Barometric pressure in the environment is one of the signals to the snakes that it is time to get it ON!

So, tonight, if I don't go out and party it up with the freeky and creepy out in Hollywood or somewhere else (since it rained), I will be pairing up, and on Monday, I WILL HAVE SNAKE PICTURES!!!!

I know I've been slacking this week. For that, I apologise :) Snake things will be back on track in the next episode, I swear.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween, my friends. Don't eat all your candy at once, and enjoy your weekend!!

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