Monday, October 13, 2008

Is EVERYONE getting married?

Weekend update:

Joel and I went to a wedding on Sat. My friend Crystal (a snake friend) got married in a beautiful ceremony. I was very pleased, and I really like the setup!

Unfortunately, my camera sucked. Enjoy the photos, but don't strain your eyes too much, okay?

It was beautiful, and I know that my friend is now happy and complete. Congrats, Crystal and Kevin!

We have two more weddings to attend before the end of the year.

Next weekend is Joel's best friend, and Joel will be the best man.

Then in November, we will be going to see our friends in Vegas to attend a wedding out there.

I have to say, I'm kinda liking this whole wedding thing. Gives me ideas!!!

I like a snake theme... Maybe there will be a way to make it happen...

Anyway, I've decided to showcase my male breeding team this week.

This is the Pin male I had hoped would go last year, but to no avail...

He will be put with some normals to get me some female pins. Not sure what else yet, but he's a hottie for sure!!

More to come soon!

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