Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall is here

It's getting cooler, and I am thrilled. I'm totally over the 100 degree weather we've had these past couple of months.

Problem is, Fall means breeding season, and I am NOT AT ALL PREPARED for it.


To those of you aspiring to be a bigger breeder, keep this in mind.

YOU WILL STRAY FROM YOUR ORIGINAL PLAN AT LEAST FIVE TIMES before deciding who to pair with whom.

I'm on list number two.

I make lists of what I have ready for the season, and who is going to do with who. When I am ready to make the final decision, I put stickers on the tubs with what male is going with the female in the tub.

THAT makes it final. (Yeah, right)

I have yet to even get to the stickers...


And I think the funniest thing about all of this is that I still have eggs in the incubator, so I will not get any respite whatsoever.

This is the first season for me where I haven't had at least a month or so to focus on just the breeder adults and have everyone get comfortable before the full swing of things occurs.

This is an interesting predicament.

This is my 50% Poss Het Lavendar male that I got from Larry Suttles. He's a hottie in his own right, and I am very interested to see if he proves. It's going to be a LONG journey to prove him out, but I'm willing to do it. It makes the final product that much more sweet.


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