Monday, October 20, 2008

And you may now kiss the bride.

So... Second wedding of the month.

It was a very nice wedding, a very PINK one to be certain.

It was a wedding between an American/Mexican Family and a Vietnamese one, so I was kinda curious how it would play out. It was very typical, actually.

Some of the flowers in the methodist church.. Very pretty church, by the way..

Mothers of the bride and groom going to light the ceremonial candles of the family.

One of the flower girls...

The ladies in pink

The men in not pink (but with a pink rose)

Joel was the best man, so he got to be all spiffy/handsome in a tux. Isn't he pretty??


And the obligatory Joel and I photograph.

We had fun!

So now, although it is not at all snake related THIS TIME, we have one more wedding in November that is more snake related than most, so... It will be more typical of the snake blog.

With that being said, there is very little updates regarding snakes this weekend, as we were pretty busy doing other stuff. Tommorow shall continue the photo essay of the males at Heather's Herps.

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