Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

Here are a couple of pics from my trip to San Francisco.

I shall narrate.

Let me begin by saying San Francisco is a beautiful city.

It is eclectic (gotta love the color choices)

The infamous Hippie state, Haight and Ashbury..

A Mural being painted in the Mission District.

The beautiful architecture. This is the de Young Museum.

And again, so that you can't forget its San Francisco!!!

It can't be San Francisco without a little "Smug" with the Hybrid Prius.

(Refer to South Park episode Smug Alert!!)

City streets..

The Green House in Golden Gate Park.

A cool radio tower you can see from lots of places in SF

We went to other places as well, but I will space it out thru the week to make things interesting.

Coming home to clean snakes is a great thing. I am so happy. Thanks, L!

Things are getting busy around here again. I swore that I would start pairing up after I got back...

News on that soon!!!

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