Friday, October 10, 2008

Today is Snake Day

I am going to be dedicating today all to snakes. Nothing else, just me in the snake room.

Why today?

Because a particular someone will be busy planning and participating in a Bachelor Party for a friend.

So what do I turn to when I am alone? Not the bottle, but snakes.

This will be a night for just me and the children.

It'll be fun!!!

And, I think that I will be almost set with the breeding plans (I'm on list number 4), so things will be much more interesting in the next couple of days.

When the stickers are up, I will take photos for you to show you how INSANE it gets with all of the colored dots.

With all the possibilities, and my inclination to flip flop over projects, this may be false hope that I am almost there, but there are several projects I am SOLID on.

Genetic Stripes and hets
Snows and hets
Albinos and hets
Pieds and hets


Getting pumped up!!!

And to all of you in Tinley, I am so so so sad I'm not there. Next year for sure.


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