Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pre-pairing photos

The boys are on hiatus until tonight, and I haven't moved any of them over. But, the younger boys are producing plugs! The only one who isn't, is of course, this guy...

Gotta love that...

And some eggs are hatching, and I only have one more clutch to be laid. I can't believe this season is running so long, my friends! I hadn't planned it like this, but it is happening!!

Now the real question is, should these gals that are laying so late be involved in the next rotation of 2010? I'm not sure. They are big enough, but will they be ready?
In terms of females, they tend to stay on the same schedule, so do I want to run the risk of trying early, and getting late eggs, or just let them wait a year, and then see if I can get them to go earlier? Hmmmmm, the quandries of a Ball Python Breeder..

Anyway, I have another dinking project to introduce to you, although it is more wishful thinking than much else.. This is a Black Pastel female I produced a few years ago, and she has a ringer. A lot of the Black Pastels I produced had ringers. So, I have the full intention of trying to prove her out as a possible het Pied.

And these are my Mojos that should be ready next year. I can't WAIT... The one above is Het Hypo, and I have always loved the Hypo combos, so I plan on plugging her in with POG when the time is right...

The one below is a female I produced last year, and will be involved in some way shape or form. Not sure yet, but I have a whole other year to figure it out.

YAY Mojos.

Anyway, I am also prepping for the holiday, so maybe there will be more holiday festive photos soon. I tend to shy away from holidays before other holidays, but its coming up soon enough..

Here we go!!

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