Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh man...Recovery day

So I am home, it's 6:45, and I have yet to go to sleep.


I actually attempted Black Friday for the first time in my life.

It was not as bad as I had pictured it, but we were at Walmart at 11:30PM, and the sales began at 5AM.

Was it worth it??


Didn't get my computer, but that wasn't what we were there for anyway. I got a cool new computer chair, and a few other knick-knacks.

I am satiated for now in terms of shopping. I got what I needed, and I'm good! If only Mac had a decent sale, I'd be super good, but... oh well.

Problem is, I have yet to sleep today, and I am not sure if I should.

So I am going to go into the snake room and evaluate things.

And probably pass out in there at some point...


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and I will be back on track on Monday.

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