Friday, November 6, 2009

Pasadena, Pairings, Weekend fun!

So today I am going to set up for Pasadena. This show is a first for the area, and I am actually kind of honored that I am involved with the first of its kind. I really hope it turns out to be a good show!

I am preparing myself for being busy as all get out, and this is the last show I am doing for the year.

And for the weekend, we will also be hosting people from out of town for the show.

This is fantastic for me, cause I get to bounce ideas off of other people in person!
(Which is not to say what we've been doing here on the blog is not great, cause it has solidified some plans for me as well)

I am trying to get pumped up about this. Its a bit early in the morning yet, but it should be fun by the time I get there. You ever have one of those days?

As for pairings, here is one of the females I have had in the back getting big. She is a TSK Axanthic poss het Albino, and last year, she went on a HUGE feeding break to the point where she was just not allowed into the breeding program.

But now, with lots of MICE :( and lots of love, she is ready to be put with her intended boyfriend, the TSK Axanthic het Albino male I actually got because of her!

I hope now with two females that are (poss) het Snow, I will actually hit on my beloved Snow that I missed out on this past year.

So yes, Snows are in the works again this year. The TSK Axanthic het Albino male with the TSK Axanthic poss het Albino female and the Albino het TSK Axanthic female.

My Snow project is set! I am actually thinking about putting some Spider into the project, maybe some Pin? Maybe a Spinner Snow! Ooooooohhh...

So at least I have that set. One group is SET, my friends! And this pairing group was actually set from the beginning... So I really can't say I've been dwelling on it much. It was already a solid.

But I am sharing it with you, in hopes that this pairing will help me with the SNOWS!

So more pairings to have planned, as well as a Show, and weekend fun! How much better can it get???

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, my friends.

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