Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is an auspicious day!!!

It is Thanksgiving, and it is a beautiful day, my friends.

It is also the 400th blog I have posted here!!!


I never really thought I would have enough to say to have 400 blogs under my belt, but I have, and I want to thank you all, my fantastic readers, for making it fun and worthwhile for me to be typing our my thoughts every morning.

While Joel is making potatoes, and I drink my Thanksgiving coffee, I have to say I am really and truly blessed..

Why, do you ask?

I am healthy and happy, I have loving family and friends, a growing and prospering snake blog, a fuzzy Regal friend with his colorful friend Marty Cohen, and I am just overwhelmed today by the fact that even though things aren't "perfect", things are just fine.

Snakes are doing well and breeding, and even today I got some hatchling babies to wake up to!!!

How fantastic is that???

I am very thankful to have the opportuntity to work with such amazing creatures, and such amazing customers and friends that I have met over the years.

It has made this year, as much as there have been ups and downs, so much fuller and richer.

I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, my friends, that even if things are tough, that you can enjoy your day and be thankful.

Know that I am here to answer any e-mails and questions you may have, and even a shoulder to cry on or an open ear.

Have a fantastic day, enjoy your thanksgiving meal, and share the love today.

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