Monday, November 23, 2009

Photos galore!

My computer is dead.

Gotta love the crap that some computer makers make... Now the next question..

Mac or PC?

Anyway, this weekend was pleasant, as we did a few chores, recovered my files from the dead computer, and got some photos taken by Lewie.

I also had a sudden flash of creativity, and took a LOT of pictures of some of the animals that I haven't talked about in a while.

First animal I wanted to bring up is Frog. Seems every year, I have a "problem child". Frog was the problem child of 2008, as she hatched out runty out of a misshappen egg. I was glad she even hatched out, because she was so tiny, she was somewhere around 20 grams.

This is her yesterday. She is only 200 some odd grams over a year later. She is eating fine, shedding fine, pooping fine, but has been a very slow growing animal since her hatching.

Here is a shot of Lucky and Frog, together. They are almost the same size!!! You see what I'm saying about slow growing??

I'm hoping by 2015, she'll be big enough to see if she is a Het Clown, as she is 50% poss het.

And I took a picture of my favorite dinker that will finally be involved in the breeding program. This is Serafina, one of the captive hatched girls I picked up in 2005 that is FINALLY ready to be involved with a male.

She is a very burgandy light female. I am tempted to think she may be some type of BEL complex, but I think that may be wishful thinking. She will be paired up with the Pastel Lesser.

I am getting excited about this season now, and pairings are still happening. I will see if I can snap some more photos of the couples when I get a chance.

Have a fantastic week, my friends.


xmanalpha said...

you already know what i think - go mac! =)

Chris said...

Just in time for Black Friday. You should be able to find a good deal on a nice PC.

Jackie M. said...

Frog is so pale and pretty! She's just a poss het, nothing else?

If you get a mac, make sure you get the 3 year warranty. It's really worth the extra money.

Jackie M. said...

Also: I demand more pictures of Jack.