Thursday, November 12, 2009

The problem with shows (and relationship issues)

So here is the problem with shows... you always see something else cool that you want.

In my case, this was a full grown Black Headed Python.

He was on a friends table, and he was also in blue and tame as can be. I am always in awe of the beauty of these creatures. So I stole him for a few minutes to enjoy him. Lots of people stopped me to ask questions, because of the impressive quality of the snake.

I felt the need to take him home with me, but Joel said no...

But, Joel got to take something home.

Lets discuss something really important.

I know lots of couples that are in the reptile industry that only have one serious person in the industry, and the other is just a supporter.

Joel is my supporter, and for the longest time, he only watched and put his two cents in with regards to projects, and maybe cleaned a few times. He didn't love the snakes as I do, didn't even know what morphs were what, and didn't really understand completely what I do.

Things are slowly changing over time, and he is getting much more involved. He still doesn't help me clean, but he comes with me to every show that he can, he helps behind the table, and he does (when I ask) give me feedback about projects he would like to see happen (with the assistance of photos).

So to spark his interest in the snakes, we came to a consensus that he should have one that is all his own.

This species selection took him a whole year of looking around at shows, thinking seriously about the animals, and what resources he had available.

And now???

He finally picked a NOT Ball Python to join our house hold.

I have been replaced.

Welcome to the fold, Mexican Black Kingsnake named Jack.

He spends a lot of time with this snake already, and I will be highlighting some growth over the years, I'm sure.

Jack is a very handsome fellow, and he lives in the living room.

Why a Mexican Black King? Well... Something about it being Mexican and Black maybe.. I'd have to get back to you on that one. He just likes the way it looks, and the husbandry is rather simple. I can't be mad at that!

So yes, my significant other has a snake that is his. It took forever, and granted its not anything I would have picked, but I am very pleased that he is taking a solid interest in reptiles.

Now for those of you out there with a spouse or significant other, are you lucky enough to have someone who is in it as well? How do you convince that person "Just one more!" Do you even have to?

I've had this conversation with a few other couples, and it seems to vary. Some couples are lucky enough to share the passion, and others have one that is on FIRE with passion, and the other just humors the other.

I am on the latter, but we're working on it.

Can't be mad at that. At least I get my room.


Jackie M. said...

Oh oh oh! It's so little!

I like the gray-banded kings, but I've heard the Mexicans are better behaved. Is that right?

Heather Wong said...

Jackie, to be very honest with you, this is the first colubrid we have owned other than Corns. And it is very relaxed. Joel is pleased, and so am I.

Kevin said...

I have two more spots in my rack, but my lady said 8 is enough. I will break her down LOL!

I will have to work hard to get her to accept the 2nd rack that I want to get. Now that will take some time :-)

Anonymous said...

Justin has no interest in my reptiles. None what so ever. His only request is that if I bring something home, it can't make noise. He has his office and I have mine. As long as I can take care of it and it will stay in the office, he doesn't care. So it works out nicely!

Chris R said...

I WILL have a black headed python some day and I'm sure you will too Heather. I've yet to see one in person, but would I ever love to.