Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Working Hard...

Yesterday, I was pairing, and I decided on a whim to reorganize everything.

So, I tried to move a few racks around, and move some animals to different locations.

Now, as you may well know, some of my racks have casters, and I am fully able to move them around by myself. Some, however, have no casters, and are heavy as the day is long. I was unsucessful in my attempts to move them myself. I tried, and pulled a muscle.

As one of my friends pointed out, I should have used the force. The force to me entails waiting for Joel to get home and having him help me.

As you also may well know, I was not home alone. I had Regal to help... But much to my dismay, it was not to be..

He and Marty Cohen were taking a nap, while I was grunting and straining with effort.

Oh, to be a Fuzz...

Anyway, I moved a few of the 09s up to 15qt tubs, a lot of the 08s into 32qt tubs, males to a new rack and females to the old male rack. I spilled lots of sanichips, got nice and dirty, but now??? It is complete!!

I managed to shove two more racks in the room, but unfortunately if I gain any weight from the holiday season, I will not be able to pass thru the passageway I created with racks. So heres to getting into the snake room, eh? Its a squeeze, but more space for snakes, so I think its a good trade-off.

Anyway, here are a few more photos of the 09s I took. Here are the two female Enchis I held back this year. One of them is much brighter than the other, and I can't wait to see how both of them turn out over the next few years.

The problem with Enchis is that the sides are the colorful part, and without seeing the sides, they are not too outstanding.. But when they get older??? Awwww yeah, baby.

And here is the only Super Pastel I own. She is a major pill, my friends. She loves to strike at everything, including the camera. I'm surprised she has yet to get me, but we have the rest of our lives together, so...

Anyway, today is preparing for Thanksgiving day, so I will be getting some pies done and some spuds and such. I kinda wish I was cooking, but then again, I have too many other things to do, eh? Here's to having a fantastic day today, and a better one tomorrow.

Be Thankful. I know I am.


Jackie M. said...

Is that super pastel the sister of my non-actually-super pastel?

I named her Glinda, by the way. Because she's such a little witch.

Heather Wong said...

Jackie, Yes Ma'am. Maybe I will name her Elphaba. :)