Monday, November 16, 2009

Holdbacks and plans

A few days ago, I went thru some of the gals I held back from the season and took some subpar photographs of them. I actually have one I don't think I ever introduced to the fold as well!

What better time then now, eh?

Welcome to the fold, Mojave Sulfur.

What is a Sulfur, you ask? It is a type of Fire, similar in morph type to the comparison between Cinnamons and Black Pastels.

Yes, she is a double "het" Blue Eyed and Black Eyed Leucistic. I really like her, and getting the subtle tones of her colors while taking photos is a bit hard. She is golden, lovely overwash which may look like a washout of color, but it is somewhat true to her coloration.

And my beloved Pastel Lesser full stripe female... I didn't get the full stripe in this photo, but I am absolutely in love with her. She is fantastic, and will be staying with me for a long time.

And you remember the group of Pewters? Well, this one was my holdback Pewters.. The one I got to pick. She is Pewtering out beautifully.

With everything I am introducing, it is mainly due to the need to focus and get my act together in pairings and plans.

I have to admit, I have nothing paired still!

I am putting it off to get a few more girls larger, feeding as much as I can, waiting for sperm plugs, and just being somewhat lazy. I still have a clutch of eggs in the incubator! Maybe when they hatch and I can turn off the incubator, I will be more inclined to get ready for pairings for 2010.

But, here are a few set plans:

Sterling to Pewter
Lemonblast to Pastel
Pied to Black Pastel
Pastel het Pied to Het Pied
Pastel Super Mojave to Mojave
Bumblebee to Pastel
Pastel Super Mojave to Spider

A few plans are circulating in my head as well... But that will be for a later date.

Have a fantastic week!!


Jackie M. said...

I think those are some good matches.

And I wish to report that your pewter's sis is eating very, very well, and is grumpy as all got out! But she's turning into quite a pretty pewter, too.

BlackJackReptiles said...

I like this pairing !

Pastel Super Mojave to Spider