Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whew, it got HOT in here!

I am absolutely in love with Fires.

They make my hands down favorite Leucistics.

I think they are awesome, and I FINALLY have some.

I have been waiting to get some for a while and I finally got some from my friend Brian!

They are amazing, and I really really really am very glad to have them. Why did I take so long to introduce them? Cause they were shedding or something to take away from the group photo..

But here they are, in their glory, and my heart is so full of happiness for finally being able to make Fire combos!!

So after acquiring the group, I needed to get a Firefly. I finally tracked down the one, and I just got him in yesterday.

I didn't get him on white, cause I just unpacked him, snapped a couple of pics, and then put him in his quarantine tub, but I am absolutely thrilled to have him too!

I think Fireflies are great! And this guy spoke to me on a level that I have to say made me jump on the chance to get him.

So now, my Fire group is complete. I just need to get them big and happy and ready, and then... Black Eye Leucistics all over the place!

I have one more animal to introduce, but she was in shed when I took pictures, so maybe next week or something.

I hope to get more out there for you all soon. Things are getting ready to happen over here after a lull, so bear with me!

Have a great day!


BlackJackReptiles said...


Did you get them from Brian from BHB?

Jackie M. said...

Hey! Are you going to make more Specials this year?

bznj said...

Hey Heather,

They look good. Glad you like them and they appear to be eating very well for you. Can't wait to see what you do with them.


Heather Wong said...

Black Jack, I got them from bznj Brian :)

He's a great dude.

Jackie, I may, but it depends on the pairings I do.

Brian, Thanks! I can't wait either.