Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I swear this is one of the last...

Well... I just got a new shipment in, and this is the last one of the year. I have been honing my projects in, and this male I got in replacement of my Super Mojave.

When I went to Tinley, a friend of a friend had this guy on his table. I saw him, and I was in love. Problem was, I had just picked up the Super Mojo..

So I wheeled and dealed, sold some stuff, made some trades, and finally was able to finagle this guy away.

So he arrived at the house today, and I am STOKED to be able to add him to my arsenal.

What is he, you ask?

Well... He is a while snake. But he is also a Pastel Super Mojave.

I'm sure you are asking, how can you tell? Well, with a Pastel Super, the head is much lighter, and the body is much more yellow in tone, but very subtly.

I don't have the Super Mojave anymore to compare with, but here are a few pics of him to compare (Yes, I posted this yesterday, but I think it still helps)

As you can tell, the head is lighter, and until I can track down a better picture of the body, you can just believe me when I say that the Pastel Super is a tad bit yellower in the body than the Super.

So there you are.

This guy should be in rotations after his Q period, and I can't wait!!

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