Monday, November 30, 2009

Reorg of the snake room

I think I have finally reached maximum capacity in the snake room. I managed to shove two more racks in that room, and it is busy in there!

It will be tight, but now I have enough growing space to make this happen this season with everyone moving up in tubs and such.

So here are some photos that were requested. Yes, it was dark, and yes, I didn't use the flash.. I actually like these photos. Adds to the mystery.

I even tried to move the racks by myself. Some suceeded (aka the ones with casters, the ones with four tubs), and some I failed miserably on. I failed, and my shoulders and neck are still a tad bit sore. This is what I get for not having help.

Anyway, I think the room is doing well, and today I need to redo the labels on the tubs. That shouldn't make me sore, right?

So I have paired up over night, and here are a few that are locking: (No photos, sorry..They weren't cooperating)

Axanthic het Albino x Axanthic poss het Albino
Albino x Het Albino
Sterling x Het Red
Pastel Super Mojave x Normal
Bumblebee x Blurry
Pastel het Pied x Het Pied
Pied x Pos Het Pied

Season is beginning at full swing now. Time to buckle down!

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