Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lucky update and a new Gal

Well, if you didn't know, my mother is an avid follower of the Blog. She is not a snake fan, but she does support me by reading the blog, and some animals do speak to her more than others.

So, when a few days ago we had a conversation about the snakes, she asked about Lucky.

"Hows the silver one doing? The one with the knotted umbilicus? He is a pretty one"

I was suprised! This coming from my mother, who has snake-o-phobia, and has only touched one or two of my animals since I began this business.

So of course, in her honor, and knowing that other people are curious about him as well, I took some pictures of him today.

Here he is! Unfortunately, the bright silver dulls out pretty quickly with the Silver Bullets, but he is still smoking hot. I would say smokey silver even...

He is gaining weight very well, and he has made a full recovery! I am very glad he is fine. I'm hoping his growth stays constant so maybe I can use him next year in the breeding cycle. Lets hope that works, eh?

And at the show, I of course ended up talking to a few friends, seeing a few animals, and this one has a great story as well. My friend Eric offered me a baby Pastel poss het Pied. I was like, hmmmm...

But what sold me was her story.

Apparently she was a runty girl from a twin egg clutch. She was the only survivor, and she hatched out at around twenty something grams. Eric's young daughter (I believe she is around 5) took her under her wing because the animal was so tiny, and named her Teeny. Teeny managed to pull thru. Teeny was a house hold pet for a while, but Eric didn't have enough space. The daughter finally offered to let her go, only under the circumstances that she could come visit.

How cute is that!??!?!

So I introduce to you, Teeny. She is still runty, but I don't really mind. She has an awesome ringer, so even if she doesn't prove out, I have a really cool looking pastel with a great story.

I love those kind of stories about Ball Pythons.
You guys out there have a story like that?

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Randib said...

I have a ~4 year old female normal I got from my uncle. Poor girl has been passed around a bit. He got her from his sister, she got her from a lady she knew. Apparently, the lady fed her an adult live mouse every few months. Whiskey, is around 4 feet and is now on f/t medium rats. I have had her for about 8 weeks she currently looks a normal weight but is only just over 1600grams. I don't expect her to get any larger. I have been kicking around the idea of pairing her with my pastel male but I am unsure if I sould wait until next year.

Either way she wont be going anywhere now. She has a forever home even if she doesn't work out as a breeder.