Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and pairings help!

Well, this Saturday was Halloween, and we went out to West Hollywood. It is one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the nation, and we were there in full force. Joel has been sick these past few days, and I haven't been feeling 100%, but how can anyone miss something as wild, wacky and crazy as Halloween in Hollywood?

So we saw some AMAZING costumes, which was why we went.. and some that were not so amazing, and some that were just plain gross... But it was Halloween. Its going to happen.

So that was just a taste of it. Lots of crazy and fun things, and a lot of things that should only been seen once in your life. It was great.

I went out of my way to find some snakes. I knew that tying in to the blog would be tough with this, so.. at the end, there are some photos of one. Can you even see it?

So yeah, snakes...

And with life getting in the way of actually being able to focus on breeding snakes, I have actually not done any pairings yet AGAIN.

What I plan to do is in the next blog introduce you to all of the males I have planned for the season, and a few of the females. This way, you can see what I have going, as well as maybe make some decisions with me in regards to who goes with whom.

I do plan to, however, start pairing up by the end of the week for some of my early girls. And, hopefully, I will have some good photos of locks to show you all. I apologize for the delay, but its been an interesting few days of not getting as much as I want done.

Real life will do that to you some time.


Colin Weaver said...

I'm glad the guy in the green speedo-tard keeps himself well-groomed. Not doing so would have made a bad situation worse. If I didn't know any better I'd say it was Justin Timberlake.

The girls dressed like Wonder Woman knock off's ...ugh! Not right.

Heather Wong said...

Colin, those weren't all women ;)

Jackie M. said...

Oddly, this revelation somehow makes me more okay with the Wonder Women.

Jackie M. said...

OMG! I just noticed that the twitter birds are pooping on the myspace and facebook guys!