Monday, July 26, 2010

Albinos! And Clutch #31

Well, Clutch number five has hatched out completely, and the odds were interesting.

I got four out of seven Albinos, but the 100% hets are ALL MALE.

So the clutch consists of:

3.0 100% Het Albinos
1.3 Albinos

I can't complain about the visual ratio, but DANG IT ALL if all of the hets are male...

I am kinda surprised by that.

But hey, Albinos are awesome, yay for Albinos, and I know some of you out there in Internet land have been waiting for some Albinos to hatch out.

Well, here they are!

And when I got back from the trip also, my friend who was watching the house and the snakes helped set up Clutch #31, which was Genetic Stripe to Poss Het, the last one to go for the year.

Apparently I failed again at letting these last girls of the year get their complete time, as there have been slugs EVERY CLUTCH since I had the last group at clutch 29?...


Anyway, yes, that little tiny slug is tiny, and it should have been an egg.

5 eggs, one TINY slug.

Heck, I'll even put that on the side bar of clutches.


Next clutch is a Mystery Male clutch to one of my Normals, so we shall see what happens. I'm expecting something to pip within the next few days.

Until then, more random musings and photos and questions to be answered.

Have a fantastic week, my friends.

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Eventide said...

Pretty Albinos! Sorry about the male hets, though. :-/

I have a question: How do you find time to feed all those babies? I have one clutch, and though it doesn't take a lot of time, I can't imagine having more than, say, five clutches of babies. If they're all good feeders, then it's not too bad, but even just having some who refuse to eat is driving me bonkers! (I'm down to one who refuses to eat more than once, but I had two for a while there.) Do you have any special tips or tricks to making it go faster or be more efficient?