Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Pictures and Plans

Well, today is random picture day. I realize I haven't been doing many of those, and last night I went out and took some good looking animals out for some photos...

Above is one of the Pieds I held back from last year.. She is looking good, and hey look, she's smiling at you!

On top of taking random pictures of my animals, I have been trying to see what animals I want to add to the collection this year that are feasible.

Let me go over again the number sex ratio to our newcomers to the blog.

1.0.0 represents one male animal
0.2.0 represents two female animals
0.0.1 represents one unsexed animal

So, lets test our knowledge.


What would this mean?

3 males, 1 female, and 2 unsexed.

Usually unsexed is not used in Ball Pythons, as they are easily sexed. Unsexed is usually used in Crested Geckos or animals that develop sex indicators later in growth/age.

So now that we went over that already, it will be more clear as to what I am out to get!

I want:

1.0 Lavendar Albino
1.0 Pastel Calico (or something combo Calico)
1.0 Mystic/Phantom something
1.0 Champagne (MAYBE.... I like them, but not enough to jump on one immediately)
0.X Calicos (not sure how many I want, but I want some)
0.X Spotnoses (again, not sure how many, but I want some)

Random Snake Image to break up the blog
Hope you enjoyed it!

I need a few more males as well, so the thing that I am trying to determine is WHAT?

I am at a loss for what I should get.

Its one of those points in the collection that make things complicated and rather difficult.
One must stop and just let things flow, and see what happens.

So at this point, that is what I am doing. I am absolutely prepared to get something, the matter is what?
We shall see what comes my way, eh?

Plans change, of course... but as of right now, that is it, with more on the side, as there always is.


As I dwell on this, have a fantastic day, my friends.


Royal Morphz said...

I think a 4 banger male is something that would be a nice addition.


Jackie M. said...

That's a nice pied!

I really like champagnes by themselves, but I'm not sure what I'd do with them in terms of breeding plans? My collection is all PIED PIED PIED (as you saw), and champagnes seem to make extremely high white pieds.

I want
0.1 super mojave
0.1 enchi
0.1 sable
X.Y Kobylka-line pied, where X+Y = 1
0.1 F&F-line calico
0.0.1 mystic/phantom
0.0.1 special
1.0 lavender albino
1.0 sterling or pewter het pied

in that order! Hopefully by the time I get down to the bottom, phantoms and lavenders and sterlings will have come down to something that doesn't explode my credit card on sight.