Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clutch #33: What we've all been waiting for

She finally blew, and I am absolutely thrilled!!

The Special female sitting on eggs. These last two clutches have been big ones, and I am very excited for them hatching out to see what happens.

She is a good mother, as I checked on her earlier on, she was still laying and not coiled up around them. Now? Look at that, you can barely see any eggs!

But as I do with all my gals, I took her off her eggs. She seemed very reluctant to let them go, which is always unnerving. I have had eggs fall out of coils before, and these eggs falling out would SUCK!

But no worries, everything worked out easily without any problems.

And here is the result.

I am very excited, and in two months, I will be able to show you all what is inside these little gems.

Have a fantastic day, my friends!


Jackie M. said...

Wow! Go crystals go crystal GO.

Are you still waiting on any clutches by Spotty?

Heather Wong said...

Spotty has been... questionable, but he is the possible father of a few mystery clutches (a few of which are yet to be laid), as well as still being paired up with a Pastel, who appears to not be going this season. We shall see...

Royal Morphz said...

Congrats Heather I know you wanted this clutch bad.

Eventide said...

Woo, congrats! Here's to hoping for some Crystals and maybe a Pastel Crystal!