Friday, July 2, 2010

Rodent Escapes

I have tried to be kind to animals all my life, but there are some that just drive me up the wall.

And the one thing that drives me more nuts than ever before is rodent escapees.

Yes, I understand that they are running for their lives (although they don't know it), and that they are just trying to get away to start life a new, but it just grinds my gears to find out that you have little rodents running around the room!

Last night, we had such an episode with a tank of mice that I have been breeding for colors, and also for feeders.

Apparently they climbed on top of the glass water dispenser, and pushed their way out.

There were NINE loose around the room. And remember, that room is pretty crowded...

So I walked in to the room to check for eggs (which sadly there were none), and saw a little thing scurrying around the floor.


So I caught the one I saw, then saw more...

Caught those, and then realized there were MORE.

So I called in reinforcements. Regal and Joel to the rescue!!!

We moved all of the racks around, blocked corners with boards, and managed to corner them.

These were mighty mice, as they ran like their lives depended on it...

They ran right, ran left... but eventually got caught.

This took all three of us fifteen minutes to catch them all.

None of them were killed, all of them were placed back in their tank to think about what they had done.

I'm going to invest in a better tank lid.

And, in 80+ degree heat, it was not pleasant. Just ask Joel.

He hates helping catch rodents in the room. So do I. It's annoying.

It's not fun, and its nothing I enjoy at all, but it has to be done.

So it was complete, and now a revamp of the rodent enclosures needs to be done. This weekend is already cut out for me. Yay!

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend, my friends. Happy Fourth of July, and see you all on Monday!

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