Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quake, Pippers and Weenie

There was an Earthquake yesterday when I got home from work, and I have to say, I was glad I was home.

I was able to run into the snake room, make sure everyone was fine (they were, no tubs opened or anything), and go on about my picture taking. It was actually rather entertaining.

Growing up in California means knowing Earthquakes and knowing what to do. Usually, what to do is do nothing. Yesterday was one of those days, although it did knock out the cable for a while.


So these photos were taken only a few minutes after the earthquake, and I think that they didn't notice it. They seem pretty comfortable in those shells of theirs. I want them OUT.

Gotta love the Grey and Black heads popping out. I absolutely love them!! I fall in love with each morph all over again when I see them in the egg. Axanthics are no exception.

The one on the far end was having a bit of trouble, so I helped it open up the head space after these pictures were taken. No harm was done, no snakelings were choking, we are all good.

And while the photos are here, this is an excellent time to mention cutting eggs.

You notice there are only small V's? Yeah, that's all I do. I don't hack it open, I just peek inside.
Is it necessary? No. But once the first head pips, I usually give the babies an out just in case they have a problem opening up the egg.

Cuticle scissors that are disinfected and a flashlight is all you need to cut eggs.

Oh, actually, make it three things.

Common sense, cuticle scissors, and a flashlight.

Don't hack them open, don't cut thru veins, don't cut them too early.

Too early, you say? Well, in my book, before Day 50 of incubation is too early.  To others, before is fine.

You do your own soul searching and determine when you feel comfortable doing it, if at all.

We can and will touch on this again if anyone has any questions about it. I can do a tutorial, but I'll need help with the camera, which means we have to wait for the Joel.

And here we are with another clutch yesterday..

I'm starting to loose track of what number clutch we are on. I admit that I go back to the list and count from the beginning.

So this is Clutch 27, and remember that Cinnamon female that I couldn't figure out what to do with? Well.. She went with the Pied, and she gave me some eggs.


Six eggs to be exact. I am very glad to see these, as she is Lucky's mother, and that was a four egg clutch last year. She was going to have the year off, cause I was worried about the four egg thing, and the year before that she slugged out with three slugs. Six is good! Six is very good. 

Anyway, I've been saving this picture for a slow day, but since I really really like it, I'm going to share it today.

Meet Weenie.

Weenie is a dumbo hairless rat.

He is my new best buddy in the rat collection.

Why is his name Weenie? Well... he just looks like one, doesn't he?

I love Weenie, and hopefully will be able to share better pictures of him later.

I just wanted to share it today.

So with that, have a fantastic, non shaky day, my friends.

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